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The Future of Street Fashion Comes to FRUITION

Open the doors of FRUITION and see a glimpse into the future, a vivid, palpable archive of history’s most innovative and distinct street fashions.

Established in August 2005, by partners Chris Julian and Samantha Alonso, FRUITION set out to educate and uplift the street fashion community through their calculated offerings of vintage street styles for both men and women in an airy, yet playfully sophisticated environment. Constructed as an open and energetic palette, polished steel racks adorn smooth green walls and house garments like true pieces of modern day art. The intriguing dichotomy of vintage street for men and classic chic for women was developed with a sincere vision to promote originality, fuel creativity, and inspire a cultural revival within the street fashion community to reach higher levels of creative excellence. FRUITION and its distinct swagger is a physical manifestation of an educated and style driven lifestyle that has been meticulously crafted by a family of undeniably talented individuals whose strengths lie in a plethora of creative fields from music, to costuming and styling development, graphic and textile design, conceptual marketing strategy, as well as business structuring and cultivation.
To understand the mind set and execution of the styles being offered in the space, it takes a true knowledge and deep understanding of what street wear is and the colorful history behind its formulation to respect where it’s going. Our objective is to constantly educate our customers through knowledgeable and accurate customer service, detailed product photos and an innovative and concise website resource (, so that in turn we can push the creative envelope within the street fashion community further and further with each and every project we decide to pursue. FRUITION prides itself on carrying the most exclusive street wear product in the world from vibrant deadstock 80’s-90’s Nike / Jordan Flight apparel and sneakers, to candy striped Benetton and PoLo Alpine rugby’s, rare Afro-centric graphic prints trumpeting uplifting messages, sealed LL Cool J Troop jump suits, solid and abstract printed leggings, ornate floral sundresses, Designer scarves and accessories, chunky gold trunk jewelry, to even vintage multicolored shoe laces, it is safe to assume that there is no other vintage street wear boutique quite like this one in the world. With the strategic interpolation of contemporary street wear brands such as Skoold In Korectness (Siknuss) and the FRUITION private label, customers are creating innovative looks that are an amalgamation of true street fashion swagger with high fashion sensibilities.

Not only are the products ready to wear but they are also inspirational building blocks for a plethora of up and coming street wear and couture fashion designers that frequent the shop. Taking inspiration and creating your own special interpretation of things is encouraged and it is this mentality that makes FRUITION not only a retail space but a powerful idea factory and concept house. Costuming and styling services are readily available as well for music and video productions, editorial photo shoots and artist development.

FRUITION is constantly evolving with the climate of street fashion and our vision will continue to unfold with strategic creative projects in the future. This special space began with a dream and is the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution. We are proud to say that we have found our purpose and ignited our passion. FRUITION is more than a boutique it is a message; one of inspiration and innovation!